How Inovus Technology Solutions Works

Inovus Technology Solutions recommends a three-stage collaborative engagement, but recognizes that each client’s previous work developing strategic plans and corporate policies determines where our services are needed.


In Stage OneInovus Technology Solutions’ business and technology experts lead clients in a complete analysis of their plans, goals and processes to create a strategic plan. Upon completion of that plan, we determine the technology needed to support those goals and steps for integrating it into the business.


Stage Two involves following the plan and often requires project management by Inovus Technology Solutions and assistance in IT staff augmentation. This stage also includes the development of IT policies and processes related to the changes. Upon successful completion of plan implementation and review, we consider clients to be in Stage Three.

At Stage ThreeInovus Technology Solutions provides plans for maintaining the new systems and processes, create timelines for policy review and system upgrades, insuring that IT department staffing decisions – and possible reorganization – are complete. Most importantly, we account for all these phases in the budget. This is an area in which technology can be overlooked, but for Inovus clients, the decision is simplified by the fact that the role of technology in supporting and enhancing all other aspects of business operations has been considered.