Inovus Intelligence - Insights on IT Alignment                             April 2015

Four Signs You Need an IT Review

It takes more than top-notch technical staff for an IT department to be successful in supporting the larger organization’s strategic vision and mission, as well as its daily demands. An IT review can play a valuable role to help an organization improve the effectiveness of its IT department in both areas by establishing greater responsiveness, efficiency, and resource allocation.

How will you know when it’s time for your organization to perform an IT review?

1.)    The IT Department Cannot Respond Adequately to the Needs of the Business

When the IT department is doing its best but still cannot respond adequately or way that is viewed as responsive, an examination of how time and resources are being managed is needed. Even in the best of scenarios, they may not be sufficient to address IT-related concerns. Perhaps the organization is relying too much on internal resources, or maybe it is a question of identifying an organizational structure that better facilitates problem solving.

2.)    The IT Department Is Not Recognized Internally as an Value-Contributor

When the IT department is seen only as a cost center, rather than a place that adds value to the business, it is a surefire sign that it is time to rethink the purpose and role of IT within the organization. If the department is failing to provide a high level of internal and external customer service, poor satisfaction numbers also will be a clear signal that an IT review is in order.

3.)    The Larger Organization’s Under-performance is Impacting IT Effectiveness

When an organization experiences a year-over-year budget shortfall, it can be a sign that its technology is simply not up to par. If IT staff are not working on contemporary systems or are not up to speed on the latest technologies and protocols, the entire organization can suffer. An IT review can help the organization determine if and how it is being limited by legacy technology and whether there is a systemic reason for this IT lag.

4). Lack of Prioritization and Alignment

When the organization’s leadership has made numerous budget cuts affecting the IT department, the expectation is that IT can still accomplish the same objectives with less money. Often, the IT leader has not modified the service model and focus, fueling the belief that the same objectives can be met via the same methods. However, using a best practice approach to resource prioritization and alignment, an IT review can aid the IT leader to better align available resources against those priorities that bring the most value to the organization.  

    Inovus News

    • Apollo Education Group (AEG) has engaged Inovus Technology Solutions as Project Manager for the modernization of their Applicant Tracking System with a SaaS-based replacement of People eRecruit.  ICIMS Implementation will integrate with PeopleSoft HCM, background check, and I-9 verification vendors.