Inovus Intelligence - Insights on IT Alignment                                      March 2015

Do You Have Institutional Intelligence?

Business intelligence empowers users to integrate raw data sources in order to gain a clearer perspective on the performance dynamics within their organization. By thus assembling cross-functional information from areas ranging from sales and supply chain to finance and human resources, an enterprise can position itself to measure and monitor its performance.

Institutional intelligence goes one step further, incorporating traditional business intelligence and historical data along with external predictors, such as economic climate, into a common data warehouse. This collection of data yields information about competitive standpoint and other predictive success factors. Moving from basic querying and reporting into more advanced data mining and analysis, institutional intelligence brings the enterprise into the realm of predictive analytics. This shift to a more holistic and sophisticated approach is essential for forward-looking organizations. With the means to recognize the trends affecting success and to understand the “why” behind them, an enterprise can more effectively improve its efficiency, identify appropriate future performance targets, and recognize new business opportunities.

Achieving institutional intelligence can be tricky. The organization that uses properly aligned technologies to integrate its cross-functional business data with external predictors will be well-equipped to develop institutional intelligence.    

An enterprise must have the appropriate foundational technology to capture transactional information at the point of sale, supply chain, purchasing, and human resource level. It is also vital to link these various data sources across systems. By identifying commonality with respect to measurement and subsequently creating standard units of measure, an organization can establish a consistent view of such information. Building on this step, the organization can realize more accurate aggregation of information and, ultimately, generate more meaningful and actionable summary data.

    Inovus News

    • Apollo Education Group (AEG) has engaged Inovus Technology Solutions as Project Manager for the modernization of their Applicant Tracking System with a SaaS-based replacement of People eRecruit.  ICIMS Implementation will integrate with PeopleSoft HCM, background check, and I-9 verification vendors.
    • Teri Minard has joined Inovus as a Sales & Marketing Associate. She previously held marketing positions at 3M, most recently as Global Business Development Manager in the Architectural Markets Division.