Inovus Intelligence - Insights on IT Alignment                              November 2014

Ready, Assess, GO! 

Given the complexity of ERPs, taking a platform live smoothly represents a significant challenge. Insufficient preparation for the “go-live” event can lead to disruption of key business processes ranging from order processing to payroll management, which in turn can result in the loss of time, money, and goodwill. 


Readiness can be ensured first by engaging key stakeholders — project leaders and managers — to define “readiness” so that it is a useful standard for assessment. The next step involves identifying the primary person responsible for readiness, as well as the individuals responsible for specific elements within specific department. It also is essential to establish a means (website, email, etc.) of clearly communicating the go-live timeline and associated expectations and responsibilities of each participant. Assessment teams then can be created and applied to the evaluation of functional and technical readiness across the full array of tasks to be completed.

Because a Readiness Assessment Program address only the execution of the plan, not issues in plan design, data from additional readiness evaluation tools (surveys, site visits, etc.) should inform leadership’s decisions about if and how to move forward. A RACI diagram provides an especially valuable structure not only for defining roles and assigning accountability, but also for communicating the status of readiness preparations and assessment, along with any remedial actions required if readiness has not been achieved.


Readiness assessment across all technical areas is important, but most significant are release management; application support; production support; conversion, migration and data loading; and reporting. On the business and functional side, user access security, user acceptance, user guides and end-user training must be established along with readiness across the processes, procedures and policies of every department. With a comprehensive approach to readiness — and the support of leadership — an organization is poised to go live and immediately realize the benefits of its ERP platform. 

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