Case Study #4 – IT Restructuring 


  • Our client was a University seeking an academic and administrative technology plan that would position them for sustained competition and success. 
  • The University’s new technology requirements encompassed both the educational/academic departments, as well as the business and administration functions.
  • In a highly competitive marketplace where students increasingly demand a technologically rich education, the University realized that it must provide this type of environment to insure future success. 


  • The University’s student experience needed to be upgraded, standardized and modernized.
  • Faculty at the University lacked the support, tools and training necessary to develop course content that could be delivered electronically.
  • Physical classroom spaces within the University required additional types of updated technology and support to accommodate various classroom sizes.
  • The University had no roadmap to facilitate or fund needed upgrades and staff development.


  • Integrate technologies that support teaching, learning and professional development.
  • Provide innovative and accessible technology and support to ensure market competitiveness.
  • Support a culture that facilitates and rewards the use of technology for all institutional constituents. 
  • Affirm a University-wide system of governance and performance levels to direct the use of technology resources and secure funding sources to sustain the Academic and Administrative Technology Plan.


  • We delivered a roadmap charting a course of action that created the foundation for the successful integration of new technology as directed by the University’s Strategic Plan.
  • We provided the necessary support of teaching and learning in various settings, a forward looking response to student technology needs, foundational training for faculty and staff, and improved data integrity with analytical tools to support decision making.