Case Study #1 – Technology Resources Acquisition


  • Our client was a boutique coffee retailer in the midst of an expansion of retail locations.
  • Their current system of tracking construction costs required several different departments to provide spreadsheets of data related to initial budgeting, cost tracking and purchases for NSO’s.
  • Additionally, this data is collected and stored in different spreadsheets making it very difficult to formulate a true enterprise picture.


  • Although the initial request came from the Real Estate department, it was clear to improve the overall tracking of the true costs of NSO’s, a program was needed that covered four additional departments.
  • Implementing the new model would impact currently defined roles, processes and require identification and handling of change management issues.
  • Any changes to the current process would cause a limited, but lasting increase in workload overall.


  • Worked with all stakeholders to define issues and impact, including role and process definitions.
  • Presented three possible options, including retaining the current technology or implementing the new accounting module.
  • Identified near-term and long term-goals to recommend a cost-effective, phased-in approach of the new technology.


  • Delivered a plan to refine process capabilities for all departments, improving operational functions.
  • Improved business planning for expansion of the company. Reduced business risk and vulnerability.