IT Staffing Solutions

In today’s information-driven economy, acquiring market knowledge and using that knowledge to gain a competitive advantage is the most powerful weapon any business can possess. Through effective outsourcing, you can fill skill and knowledge gaps in your staff, while providing cost-effective solutions to make your enterprise more successful.


Outsourcing Made Simple, Efficient and Effective

According to research of 350+ outsourcing advisors, clients and service providers conducted by Technology Partners International, there are 10 areas where outsourcing engagements can run into difficulties. At Inovus Technology Solutions, we are committed to bring the most productive and user-friendly outsourcing engagements to our clients. We have studied the research and developed a dependable program to address these 10 areas of concern.

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  • Post-Contract Processes and Decision Obligations Are Understood
    • We work closely with our project sponsor to ensure they understand all the areas of attention and support that are required both from them and the organization. Support is provided by the account executive and the internal or on-site project manager and an effective strategy is developed to coordinate the appropriate schedule and task assignments for all stakeholders and personnel associated with the project.
  • Support From Client Leaders Receiving Services
    • We seek to work as closely as possible with stakeholders and steering committee members to ensure that leadership level follow-through is part of the engagement.
  • Mutual Understanding of the Contract
    • In each engagement the client can expect to have the support of not only the account executive but the practice manager to ensure that the contract engagement is reviewed at appropriate intervals and understood by the customer.
  • Client Team Plan Included
    • Inovus Technology Solutions is able to provide a long-term staff augmentation plan, in addition to technology implementation specialists/consultants, in order to bring about an effective and timely solution. If needed, we can offer assistance on identifying individuals with the right experience and talent necessary to assume the technical tasks once the development/installation completed.
  • Client Team Training is Available
    • If requested, Inovus Technology Solutions can provide advanced training to internal teams and recommend additional academic training to improve readiness of the internal team.
  • In-depth Knowledge Transfer
    • The second most important job of our retained resources is to provide appropriate and in-depth knowledge transfer to the customer. This knowledge transfer is usually a component of the statement of work as a deliverable of the engagement.
  • Engagement Transparency
    • Depending upon the nature of the engagement, Inovus Technology Solutions can perform vital pre-project workshops in order to manage expectations and provide important information about project roadmaps and outcomes.
  • Change Management Training
    • Inovus Technology Solutions can provide expert experience in change management leadership and thought leadership, and where appropriate business process re-engineering.
  • Service Guarantee
    • Inovus Technology Solutions offers our clients a service guarantee and will replace any of our service providers who are not aligned with your organization’s culture.
  • Change Management that Lasts
    • Inovus Technology Solutions is committed to change management that is effective, with a sufficient level of new process adoption. Our engagements include the development of best practices in IT governance processes aimed at guaranteeing long-term success for all our clients. Practice manager oversight and account manager support are provided at no cost to you after placement to obtain the best results and service.

What You Can Expect

Inovus Technology Solutions offers your organization the value of a full range of information technology research subscription services. See our Network. Through our consultants, these services are aimed at supporting you with expert objective analysis, product research knowledge and troubleshooting. From specialized projects and reports, to developing a new compliance or governance plan, we can provide SME’s at cost-effective and competitive rates to take your operation to the next level.


Areas of Specialization

We are professional and highly experienced recruiters, who have the technical skill assessment capabilities to evaluate potential consultants in a variety of IT disciplines. This means that Inovus only presents well-screened, highly-qualified candidates for your review.

From our internal and national databases, we can access candidates who have skills and expertise in the following areas:

  • Business Analysis
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Database Design, Development, and Administration
  • Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytical Reporting
  • Systems Analysis
  • Network Engineering and Administration
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Project Management
  • Open Source Application Solutions
  • Interim IT Leadership (CIO/CTO)