Technology Resource Acquisition

The first step in developing a sustainable IT strategy is an optimized technology acquisition road map. Few business decisions will impact every aspect of your organization as the technology you choose, cost of ownership and how it is deployed. An ideal strategy includes all aspects of acquisition and dissolution of the resource asset.

Through consultative analysis and personalized research, Inovus Technology Solutions has the expertise and data-driven approach to help you create a permanent purchasing strategy. With our guidance, this strategy will provide ample efficiency, true cost-effectiveness, and sustainability through the planned deployment of new technologies or application services.

Defining a Sustainable Asset Life Cycle

  • Develop Equipment Acquisition Strategy
    • Establishing Cost Reduction Objectives
  • TCO & ROI - Evaluative Tools and Recommendations
    • Own/Lease/Cloud
    • The Support Dilemma
  • Asset Acquisition - Tools and Recommendations.
    • Vendor Vetting
    • Operation/Capital Purchasing
    • Equipment Depreciation
  • Asset Life Cycle - Coherent Business Strategy.
    • Replacement/Renewal Cycles
    • Asset Dissolution

Total Cost of Ownership vs. Return On InvestmentTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO) is obviously a different measure than Return on Investment (ROI). Both are valuable metrics depending on the acquisition circumstances.

Typically, an organization's leaders want IT decisions to be guided by the increased business capabilities that the technology can make possible. TCO works well for must-do infrastructure projects, such as upgrading an email system. However, commodity services like email do not typically uncover new sources of revenue or other topline growth opportunities that ROI can measure. Inovus Technology Solutions believes that IT proposals should be measured in the same way other business projects are: for their potential to bring speed, efficiency and innovation to a company. We help structure IT resource acquisition programs to insure that the proposed technology is aligned with your objectives. 

What You Can ExpectWe will help create the foundation and expectation for how all future purchases will align in a well-defined plan.

Inovus Technology Solutions Deliverables

  • Before and after financial comparisons
  • Written report from engagement analysis
  • Presentation to leadership on findings and recommendations
  • How-to approach including guidelines for assessing optimal services
  • A coherent strategy of efficiency and cost reduction

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