Identity and Access Management

Maintaining control over access to your company’s internal systems is essential in today’s complex digital environment. Failure to adequately manage user rights can become a major issue for small to medium sized business. Critical data such as financial, personnel records and customer information must be protected at all times from unauthorized use. Companies whose records are compromised face, at the least, a public relations headache and at worst, legal action.  

Inovus Technology Solutions understands the challenges organizations face to meet today’s security and compliance requirements. By partnering with your IT leadership and company stakeholders, we will help your organization create a cohesive identity and security management strategies with the goals of reducing infrastructure costs, while increasing administrative productivity. Your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will drop and your Return on Investment (ROI) will increase.

We understand how to select and use the many advanced Identity and Access Management technologies available today. These technologies include:

  • Directory Services 
  • Password Management
  • Access Management / Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Federation
  • Data Synchronization (Meta Directory)
  • Data Virtualization (Virtual Directory)  
  • Access Certification
  • Automatic User Account Provisioning/De-provisioning

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What You Can Expect

Inovus Tech consultants will work with your IT leadership to evaluate, design and implement systems that protect, identify, verify and report who has access to your systems. A typical engagement could include these components:


  • Current-state evaluation. 
  • A coherent strategy of efficiency and cost-saving. 
  • Customization and integration to your unique environment.
  • Installation and configuration of the technology.
  • Installation of agents and policy servers.
  • Setup of security configuration components.
  • Engaging with application owners to integrate their applications.
  • Testing of full integration. 
  • Deployment checklist.
  • Training for staff.
  • Comprehensive “turnover document” with complete documentation of the installation and configuration process, depictions of customized code and equipment replacement recommendations.

Results You Can Count On

  • Improved system security.
  • Decreased cost-per-user interactions.
  • Improved end-user satisfaction.
  • Decreased deployment time of newly protected resources.
  • Access management services that can be easily used by your developers.

Contact us today about making your organization more secure, while lowering your operational costs.